Bike rent Rome

Below all models of bikes and accessories available for you. All models can be booked online. Booking grant you to have the exact model (man, woman, child), size (small, medium, large), accessories (children holder, seat) and quantity ordered. We want to give you the best bike rental service.

Prices and rates

City 4 € 12 € 10 €
Mountain 6 € 18 € 14 €
Trekking 5 € 15 € 12 €
Electric 8 € 26 € 26 €
Child 3 € 10 € 8 €
Child holder 4 € 12 € 12 €
Children seat 3 € 3 € 3 €

Rental conditions

All the renting materials are in perfect conditions (brakes, tires, gearbox, steering, cranks, chain lubrication, etc.). We want to ensure who rents our products to pedal secure and with minimal problems.

We provide front and rear light, approved helmet, a chain with a padlock and raincoats (cape or poncho) to be used in case of rain during hire.

All models are equipped with high quality tires puncture ( schwalbe marathon plus ) because we know that drilling is generally , one of the main problems that occur during the rental . For any inconvenience during hiring period we are available to provide assistance during the journey, regardless of the route chosen by the customer (city, dirt, etc.). We provide the repair or, if necessary, the replacement bicycle without any extra charge to the customer.

The prices and rates shown on the website are the sole and only applicable to our products .

At the end of the rental a check is made of the general state of the medium. He/she who rented the vehicle is required to indicate any anomalies or any damage to cycle or others.

For more information see FAQ on the site.

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Customer testimonials

Simply wonderfull!!

The best tour i’ve made in 2015. Thank you MRBike, your rental service is simple fantastic!

Jimmy Johnas

Moments of fun!!!!

I could never imagine that it was possible to visit Rome in such ecological way because of traffic and the few cycles lanes. Instead i found that this city is perfect for me… even better with the electric cycle! MRBike staff is fantastic! Have fun …

Samantha Kelly