The inhabitants of Rome and most of those who have passed through the Capital know or have passed through the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA), this valuable ring road that runs around the city. This road, however, can not be used by bicycles and pedestrians because it is considered a highway so only motorcycles, motorcycles, trucks etc can ride this way. Given the great utility of this city road, association Legambiente and Velolove have presented a project for the construction of a GRAB, a ring road for the bike. The idea is to create a ring made up of cycle lanes, roads with low traffic, parks and green areas long enough to allow bikers to get across town in comfort and safety.
The GRAB should have a total length of 44 km divided into:
– 35 km (80%) of green areas and cycle paths existing or under construction
– About 7 km (16%) of roads with traffic reduced
– 2 km (4%) of roads with normal / intense traffic
The routes which come within the GRAB are part of routes already beaten by the Roman cyclists: the park of Appia Antica, the Caffarella park, Aqueduct Park, Villa Gordiani, Villa Ada, Villa Borghese, the path of the Tiber , etc. Here is a map that will offer you a quick overview of what this project will rapresent for the mobility in Rome, and, specifically, for lovers of two wheels:
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