Those who usually move in Rome by bicycle knows that the two wheels mobility is still problematic due to the absence of cycle lanes and coexistence on the roads that many Romans car drivers are reluctant to accept.
Surely there are still many things to do to create the infrastructure and services to make Rome bike friendly. A little help this time came from the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, who announced that from August 2015 you can carry your bike on multiple public lines for permit movement by public transport to the holders of bicycles.
In particular, the service will cover the following public transport:
10 bus lines (83, 118, 412, 673, 715, 772, 791, 911, 120F and 180F)
6 tram lines (2, 3, 5, 8, 14, 19)
all underground routes (line A and line B / B1 and C line)
railway Roma – Lido
You can get on all public transport that expose the following image:
Passengers and bicycles are allowed only in the spaces marked by the image above and, in the case of Metro A, B / B1 and C, to reach the docks are to be used the elevators. Also access for the bike is free for holders of subscription Metrebus or who has a folding bike.
More informations on times and methods are available on Atac site.