Have you just arrived in Rome or you are visiting the Capital and you don’t know where and especially how to get around?
Are you in San Giovanni and you don’t know whether to continue your tour: to the Colosseum or to Santa Maria Maggiore or to the Baths of Caracalla?
And then? As a means to take? The bus, but what line and especially how  many time I have to wait? And then the traffic? Maybe you hope there is an underground stop or something else …
If you have made at least one of these questions then we have another question for you: why not try to visit Rome by bicycle?
Rome is large enough and rich of roads, streets, monuments, shops, that is impossible to visit it on foot unless you have many days left.
The advantages of renting a bike and move around by bike in the eternal city are many:
– Is economic, our bike rentals start from € 4
– It’s funny because you can go it alone, in pairs or in groups
– It allows you to move from one point to another of Rome not to miss anything away, a monument, a sampietrino
– Connects you to places you can’t reach by public transport (eg. the Ancient Appian Way, that is beautiful to visit by bike especially during spring period)
– Keeps you healthy
Ok some would argue that moving by bike is tiring … so why not try to rent next generation bikes as our electric bikes?
So in summary, if you are near one of these areas:
San Giovanni, Viale Manzoni, Termini, Santa Maria Maggiore, Via Merulana, Colle Oppio, the Colosseum, Via Ambaradam, Via Cavour
come and visit us … we are waiting for biking to our rental point in Via Carlo Botta in San Giovanni.
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